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15" Sonar powered subwoofer


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The SONAR 115 Sub D is a powerful, state-of-the-art powered subwoofer for extending the bass response of SONAR full-range models, but also many other types of speakers. The particularly powerful 15″ woofer, the 1500-watt power amplifier and the meticulous HK Audio acoustic engineering guarantee an impressively powerful bass experience.

The SONAR 115 Sub D is controlled by a 24-bit DSP with an illuminated LCD screen, which can be used to conveniently adjust the crossover frequency, polarity and, if necessary, the delay. One particularly remarkable feature is the easy-to-use, highly efficient Cardioid feature, which up to now has only been available in much higher priced subwoofers. Thanks to the two pre-configured CARDIOID FRONT and CARDIOID REAR presets, problematic rear bass radiation can be effectively minimized.


Groundbreaking technology, state-of-the-art development tools and advanced production methods – combine all of these factors with decades of audio expertise, and very special things can happen. That’s exactly what happened with our new SONAR speaker family – it is the first of its kind to deliver high-quality sound and a whole catalogue of professional features at an affordable price point.

Boasting three elegant, multifunctional full-range models and a powerful subwoofer, the SONAR family delivers a wide range of expert solutions for a variety of applications – from easy-to-transport speech reinforcement to professional stage monitoring and powerful band PAs.

Intuitive control via colour display

The built-in digital mixer on the Xi models offers two channels for microphone or line signals as well as an AUX channel for analogue and Bluetooth 5.0 signals. It can even receive both signals at the same time! The Mix Out is used to forward signals to additional speakers, or can be used as a source for live recording.

Each of the three channels has its own dedicated volume controller as well as a lavishly equipped 3-band EQ. What’s more, three sound modes are available (Live, DJ, Monitor) as well as a preset for using in combination with the SONAR subwoofer.

The mixer is equipped with a master control to adjust the overall volume and operate the DSP menu.

Bluetooth TWS

With Bluetooth TWS (True Wireless Stereo), stereo audio streaming via two SONAR Xi models is a breeze. Two linked SONAR Xi speakers can even be controlled remotely at the same time via the Remote app.


The SONAR REMOTE app for iOS and Android tablets and smartphones is so much more than just a remote control for the built-in digital mixer. It lets you control all settings and functions of the SONAR Xi models, including the parameters of the 3-band EQ for each channel. You can also save scenes to make regularly used presets available on demand, such as adjustments to frequently used microphones, modified SONAR Xi setups or basic configurations for different locations.

All settings that are changed in the app are simultaneously shown in the SONAR Xi speaker display, and vice versa! Both displays sync up in real time.


The cardioid principle is all about cancelling out frequencies radiated to the rear. While medium and high frequencies can be radiated in directional patterns, low frequencies are spherical. This often leads to an unpleasant excess of low bass on and behind the stage. Organisers are also increasingly setting precise demands for sound distribution, for example in marquees and urban stages.

The SONAR 115 SUB D meets all the requirements, both mechanically and acoustically, to implement effective cardioid setups quickly and easily, reducing the low bass radiated to the rear by up to 30 dB! This not only makes performing on stage much more relaxed, it also results in a better sound, as microphones no longer pick up unwanted low frequencies.

A second SONAR 115 Sub D can be used to increase the sound pressure level in the bass range. The classic full-stack setup (shown on the left) with two subs projecting forward boosts the sound pressure by level 3 dB in all directions. But what makes the SONAR 115 Sub D so special are its cardioid capabilities. It has two special presets that allow you to configure a cardioid setup (shown on the right), where the lower sub projects to the rear, without the need for any complex calculations or time correction.

To do this, simply direct the lower SONAR sub to the rear and select the Cardioid Rear preset, and direct the upper sub to the front, selecting the Cardioid Front preset. Now both subs can play perfectly together without having to make any further adjustments.

Max. SPL Peak @ 10 % THD

125 dB half space

Max SPL calculated

128 dB half space

Frequency response -10 dB

36 Hz – X-over

Amplifier output (Peak Power)

1500 W


1 x 15", 3" voice coil



Audio inputs

2x XLR/jack combo balanced

Audio outputs

2x XLR thru out balanced

Sound modes

Normal/Bass Boost

Setup modes

SONAR, Cardioid Front, Cardioid Rear


0-10 meter

Pole mount

1x M20

Carrying handles

2x MultiGrip







Front grille

metal grille backed with black acoustic foam

Dimensions (WxHxD)

43 x 61.2 x 61.6 cm


28.4 kg / 62,6 lbs

  • 15" Sonar powered subwoofer
  • 15" Sonar powered subwoofer
  • 15" Sonar powered subwoofer
  • 15" Sonar powered subwoofer
  • 15" Sonar powered subwoofer
  • 15" Sonar powered subwoofer