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18" powered subwoofer


The 18″ bass reflex subwoofer produces a deep and powerful bass foundation with its 1,200 watts

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The 18″ bass reflex subwoofer produces a deep and powerful bass foundation with its 1,200 watts. This all-round subwoofer can be used for a wide variety of applications thanks to its stereo preamp and corresponding outputs. The classic setup can be implemented either as a half or full stack, and a 2.1 system can be created with ease thanks to the two mid/high outputs. The subwoofer takes care of the filtering required for this. This means that mid/high units that do not have their own filtering can even be connected. The required system crossover is already completely integrated in the PR:O 118 Sub D2.

the next Generation

With more than 200,000 units sold, PREMIUM PR:O is a truly unstoppable success story for our modular sound systems, which we are continuously developing and optimizing. Customers particularly love the low-resonance, sturdy wooden construction paired with reliable, high-quality speakers and powerful electronic components. All this makes the PREMIUM PR:O D2 models brilliant all-rounders, especially for live applications where high sound pressure and transparent reproduction of voice and instruments are important.

Flexible all-rounders

The new PREMIUM PR:O D2 series consists of five DSP-controlled full-range and multifunctional speakers, as well as the PR:O 210 Sub D2 and PR:O 118 Sub D2 basses. In line with the modular principle, the speakers can be combined flexibly for the most varied of requirements, from standalone, 2.1 and monitor setups, to full-stack applications. These combination options make PREMIUM PR:O suitable for a wide range of installations where excellent speech intelligibility and transparent reproduction is required.

Professional, safe and simple handling

The newly developed HK Audio MultiGrips always ensure a comfortable and secure grip during loading and unloading as well as during assembly and dismantling. This not only results in practical handling in transportation: the HK Audio TB-45N and TB-45NQ tilt brackets can also be mounted on the MultiGrips, making professional rigging simple and easy.

Efficient, modern technology, simple operation

The DSP-controlled preamp delivers precise sound. Thanks to the EQ presets, tone controller and FIR X-Over, it overcomes acoustic challenges in live applications with ease. The D2 models have a clear and understandable user interface complicated menu controls are deliberately avoided. Despite its high-tech interior, it is very easy and intuitive to use based on the Plug n Play principle. PREMIUM PR:O remains the easiest way to achieve the best sound.

Max. SPL @ 10 % THD

126 dB halfspace

Max. SPL Peak @ 10 % THD

127 dB halfspace

Max SPL calculated

127 dB halfspace

Frequency response +/- 3 dB

45 Hz X-Over

Frequency response -10 dB

36 Hz X-Over

Amplifier output (Peak Power)

1200 W

Amplifier type

Class D

Active protection circuits

Subsonic filter, peak limiter

Bass speaker

1x 18", 3" voice coil

Crossover frequency active

Selectable between 75 Hz and 150 Hz

Audio connectors in

2x XLR/jack combo balanced

Audio connectors out

2x XLR L/R Out Mid/High bal., 2x XLR thru bal.

Pole mount

1x M20

Carrying handles

2, MultiGrip




Black acrylic enamel

Front grille

2 mm metal grille backed with black acoustic foam

Dimensions (WxHxD)

53 x 62 x 64 cm


39.8 kg / 87,8 lbs

  • 18" powered subwoofer
  • 18" powered subwoofer
  • 18" powered subwoofer
  • 18" powered subwoofer
  • 18" powered subwoofer
  • 18" powered subwoofer