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ELEMENTS GALA, the new turnkey stereo column system from HK Audio, is a comprehensively enhanced version of the ELEMENTS series. The ELEMENTS GALA system subwoofer delivers rich low bass with its 15″ woofer. The newly developed system electronics are also integrated here: a latest-generation digital controller ensures clear, high-resolution highs and significantly improved reproduction in the middle and bass ranges, while the more powerful Class D power amps create additional dynamic reserves. Together with the time-tested qualities of the ELEMENTS system, such as the exceptionally  uniform sound distribution even in large spaces, the result is a luxurious sound experience paired with a high-class, elegant visual appearance. For ELEMENTS users who want to update their existing system to a Gala system, the new ELEMENTS GALA system subwoofer is also available separately.

You’ve never heard ELEMENTS like this before. ELEMENTS GALA, HK Audio’s latest columnar system, combines visual and acoustic elegance in a sound system that fully meets the exacting demands of high-profile events.

The new, compact 15″ system subwoofer not only delivers impressive, exceptionally powerful bass, it also features specially developed electronics.

At the heart of the system is a specially tuned digital controller that produces noticeably clearer high frequencies and a punchier midrange all the way down to the lowest mids. The new Class D power amps provide plenty of headroom and superior dynamics.

ELEMENTS GALA’s sleek column look underscores the high standard of every performance and is emblematic of a luxurious listening experience that begins directly in front of the stage and extends all the way to the very back row.

The lightness conveyed by the understated appearance is reflected in this stereo system’s ease of handling: thanks to the E-Connect coupler, ELEMENTS GALA can be set up and dismantled in no time at all.

Maximum sound experience, minimalist look

Since its debut, ELEMENTS has been a pillar of modern line array technology, making history with its ease of use, elegant appearance and balanced sound.

From the first to the last row, ELEMENTS treats audiences to a balanced frequency spectrum and excellent speech intelligibility at almost constant volume.

Extended sweet spot

The volume and high-frequency level of conventional speakers drops sharply as the distance increases.

ELEMENTS GALA makes sure everyone gets the best seats in the house. Compared to conventional speakers, the line source principle ensures a more homogeneous frequency and volume distribution throughout the hall – not too loud at the front, not too quiet at the back.

Always at the right level

When the system is set up directly on the floor, the wirelessly adaptable column extensions included with ELEMENTS GALA ensure the ideal height for sound dispersion.

roduct Class

Stereo line-source PA

Power Rating

670 W (RMS)

Peak power (calc.)

2000 W


Class D

Active protection circuits

24 dB-Subsonic-Filter, Multiband- Peak- und RMS-Limiter

Optional accessories



55,6 kg / 122.6 lbs.

  • Elements Gala System
  • Elements Gala System
  • Elements Gala System
  • Elements Gala System