Gift Card

The Assurance of Giving a Special Gift

How to get a gift card

  1. Select the value for the Gift Card you want to offer.
  2. Customize your Gift Card with our card images.
  3. Indicate the sending options and recipient data.
  4. Preview the Gift Card that you will send to the recipient.
  5. "ADD TO BASKET" to make payment.
  6. The Gift Card will be sent according to your selection.


  1. The Gift Card can only be used in its entirety.
  2. This card cannot be exchanged, altered or sold. It is non-refundable, neither fully nor partially.
  3. Card validity is 365 days after purchase.
  4. The card is not valid or refunded after it expires.
  5. M-STORE reserves the right to modify these conditions when reasonably considered necessary.

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Gift Card Customization

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