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Earphone Sennheiser IE 400 PRO


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Noticeable punch, clear high frequencies and transparent mid-range reproduction. The mini 7mm driver guarantees artifact- and distortion-free sound.

„The best in-ear monitor series ever. Just buy them all.“

IE 400 PRO

The warm in-ear monitoring sound of the IE 400 PRO with its rich, noticeable punch is the right choice for professionals who wish to take their accustomed studio sound onto the stage with them. Even at high sound pressure levels, the IE 400 PRO reproduces its warm sound free from artifacts and distortion. With the newly developed TrueResponse technology, the dynamic driver measuring a mere 7mm generates tremendous resolution and prevents acoustic stress, even during long periods of use. Distortion, overlapping frequencies and resonance peaks which otherwise usually occur frequently are no longer a problem. The distortion factor has been optimized to a previously unimaginable 0.08%. It’s miniature design also permits an ultra-compact construction which, thanks to the accompanying silicone and memory foam adapters, can be individually adjusted. This in-ear monitor is easy to handle and provides brilliant sound reproduction. Built to last under extreme stress, a secure and comfortable fit for hours.

Looking for distortion-free, natural sound with a “punch,” transparent mid-range reproduction and clear high frequencies? The IE 400 PRO is the right choice.

Newly developed dynamic 7mm wideband transducer for punchy, high-resolution monitoring sound

Noticeable punch with transparent mid-range reproduction and clear high frequencies

TrueResponse driver system reduces acoustic stress factors through homogeneous and distortion-free reproduction

High level of wearing comfort and good fit thanks to ergonomic compact housing

Excellent shielding through optimized earpiece shape and flexible silicone and foam tips

Cable concept fit for the stage with innovative duct (patent application in progress)

More punch, more transparency, more control

The IE 400 PRO provides noticeable punch, clear high frequencies and transparent mid-range reproduction. Thanks to its clear frequency response and warm monitoring sound, musicians can perceive themselves with confidence and without distortion. Furthermore, they can do so at high sound pressure levels where other in-ear systems begin to clip and distort. The dynamics of the IE 400 PRO represent the philosophy of the entire IE series; MoreMe. Perceive more, have more control, and confidently locate your own sound in the mix.

Next-generation dynamic drivers

The result of intensive development work: a single dynamic high-performance driver – with a diaphragm measuring only 7mm in diameter – covers the entire frequency spectrum. This way, interference effects in the region of the transitional frequencies and phase differences are avoided. A system of magnets with triple-duct ventilation significantly reduces the distortion factor. The two-chamber absorber in the direction of the ear canal minimizes resonance peaks that would otherwise naturally occur. The result: even at high sound pressure levels, the sound remains clean and free from distortion. Consequently, the IE 400 PRO protects your hearing, even after hours on the loudest stages. During professional use, that which previously got lost in the mix suddenly becomes audible.

t’s not just the sound that fits your ear…

…the IE 400 PRO also sits comfortably and securely in your ear for several hours. Choose either silicone or viscoelastic memory foam tips to individually adapt to the structure and depth of your ear canal for hours of reliable wearing comfort. Durable and innovative cable ducting with a deep-set connector and double-backed protection allows the IE 400 PRO to also withstand tough nights on the stage. Again, and again.

Wearing style



16 Ohms

Frequency response

6 - 19,000 Hz

Sound pressure level (SPL)

123 dB (1kHz / 1 Vrms)

THD, total harmonic distortion

< 0.08 %

Jack plug

3.5 mm

Connection cable


Cable length


Transducer principle



18 g


up to 26 dB


2 years

  • Earphone Sennheiser IE 400 PRO
  • Earphone Sennheiser IE 400 PRO
  • Earphone Sennheiser IE 400 PRO
  • Earphone Sennheiser IE 400 PRO